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Church Outreach

Pastors and Ministry Leaders - is your congregation sharing their faith with others?

Many Christians desire to share Jesus, but in today's world handing out tracts in public places is not something many Christians are comfortable with. With "political correctness" in our culture, it is challenging to take a stand for Jesus. The fact is that many Christians want to be like Tim Tebow, but would literally risk getting fired (or at least not promoted) if they share their faith too much at work.

The Jesus video by God Stuff Explained is designed for social sharing - Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest - and to be embedded on blogs and websites. It is a simple way for Christians to share their faith!

Church Outreach

A church can easily embed the video on their website, and then if lets their congregation know about it and asks them to share it, not only will people see the video, but also be connected with a local church! What a great way for Christians to share Jesus and their church with others!

We want this project to go beyond the ministry of, which is why we "releasing it" to create "white-label" versions for churches and ministries to use, e.g., a version that directs people to YOUR website at the end (instead of to If you would like a version that at the end says, "for more information about Jesus, visit, or join us for service this Sunday" - then we can create that for you. That way, when your church members are sharing the video, they are also sharing something tied directly to their church.

If you are adding the video to your church website, or if you just want to stay connected and receive our free iMinistry e-newsletter, then let us know

Your Church Website - Can People Find Jesus?

Pastors - a quick question...have you ever considered that there are people - many hundreds or thousands - who have never stepped foot in your church, but have visited your church website? Ask your website guy - how many unique visitors did our website get last month? You might be surprised!

So another question...consider that person who will visit your website next month, but for whatever reason will never visit your church. Will they receive the Good News of Jesus Christ when they visit your website? Are you sharing Jesus as many places as possible? Please do not confine the Good News to the walls of the church - share Jesus on-line!

Why not EXPAND your ministry on-line by putting a good Gospel presentation on your church's website? Yes, we think the "Jesus - by God Stuff Explained" is a good one, and it was designed for such a purpose, but at the very least least write something yourself telling why Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and put it on your church website!

If you would like to share the video on your church's website, click "Copy Code" and paste it onto your website - or ask your web guy to do it - and please let us know where you are sharing it

Custom Versions for Ministries and Large Websites

Does your ministry share Christ with others? Do you have a website with a lot of traffic? With a "white-lable" version of the video, when your supporters share the video, they are also sharing your ministry with others.

For more information about getting a white-label version for your church or ministry, contact us today

Click the button, then paste on your website

Interested in a customized version to add to your church or ministry website?

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