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Share Jesus

Many Christians desire to share Jesus, but in today's world handing out tracts in public places is not something many Christians are comfortable with. With "political correctness" in our culture, it is challenging to take a stand for Jesus. The fact is that many Christians want to be like Tim Tebow, but would literally risk getting fired (or at least not promoted) if they share their faith too much at work.

How can a Christian share Jesus today?

The Jesus video by God Stuff Explained is designed for social sharing - Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest - and to be embedded on blogs and websites. Maybe you blog about fishing? Add the video to your blog, and share your personal testimony of what Jesus means to you. Or are you on Pinterest a lot pinning about fashion and cooking? Maybe every once in awhile, pin this video and related pictures - and share Jesus with others!

Has Jesus made a difference in your life? If He has, then share the Good News of Jesus with others by sharing this video on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, your blog - or whereever God leads you!

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